2024QSE Shanghai 24th Overseas Real Estate Immigration and Study Abroad Exhibition

Exhibition schedule
Exhibition arrangement time:  July 4th, 2024
Exhibition time:  July 5-7, 2024
Exhibition venue: Shanghai Mart Expo (No. 99, Xingyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai)

Exhibition overview
2024QSE Shanghai 24th Overseas Real Estate Immigration and Study Abroad Exhibition is a grand event in China aimed at the increasingly developing overseas real estate and investment immigration industry. The exhibition covers four main themes: overseas real estate, overseas immigration, overseas study abroad, and overseas investment. The three-day exhibition will feature exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions including Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and more, covering various fields such as overseas real estate, immigration, investment, and study abroad, showcasing high-quality real estate projects and investment immigration services. "2024QSE Shanghai 24th Overseas Real Estate Immigration and Study Abroad Exhibition" in the Shanghai region. We can allow you to directly face your intended customer base, understand the advantages and disadvantages of your project, and provide a larger and broader platform for you to promote your project. So we are definitely your best choice and opportunity to enter Shanghai, China.
At present, the "2024QSE Shanghai 24th Overseas Real Estate Immigration and Study Abroad Exhibition" is a high-quality, comprehensive and large-scale exhibition. This exhibition has unlimited business opportunities and huge market potential, creating a market together and showcasing grand plans!

Exhibition scope
★Overseas immigration projects: investment in business immigration projects, overseas study institutions, and latest immigration projects;
★Overseas real estate developers: overseas real estate, apartments, villas, commercial properties, elderly care real estate, real estate agents, waterside villas, resort hotels, castles, ski resorts, marinas, land farm wineries, EB-5 regional center investment, overseas China Mall, etc.;
★Overseas investment institutions: investment S, funds, financial investment institutions, international investment consulting agencies, private equity institutions, securities firms, legal services institutions;
★Overseas study: overseas primary and secondary schools, overseas colleges and universities, overseas language training schools, overseas vocational training schools, preparatory schools, overseas government educational institutions, employment agencies, overseas study-related services (banks, accommodation, airlines, law firms), immigration services, etc

Precisely oriented at high-end people, connect with exhibitio
The exhibition’s main audiences are the domestic and foreign high net worth wealthy population, and the exhibition will invite high-end home buyers and overseas investment intended customers through targeted publicity, comprehensive joint marketing, extensive orientation, rich on-site activities to ensure the presence of a large number of high-end customer groups. The visitors include: overseas real estate agents, real estate agents, investment and immigrants, immigration agencies, overseas institutions, study and consultation agencies, educational home buyers, financial and investment institutions, high-end apartments, resort hotels, corporate executives, returnees, villa owners, high-end residential owners, banks and securities companies, airlines, limo car clubs, high-end media readers, high-end service institutions, high-end business training objects, shops and other overseas properties and investment business immigration projects;

↘Exhibition expense

Site activity
This exhibition aims to provide an exchange platform for overseas home buyers, investment and immigration institutions, overseas study institutions, international investment and financial institutions, and outbound tourism agencies. Thematic promotion conferences, lectures, forums and other activities concerning investment, immigration, and overseas study will also be held in the exhibition and all units can apply to organizing units by customizing the subject.
Terms and Conditions to attend the exhibition
1. Exhibitors shall complete the application form contract form, sign it and affix the official seal, and fax to the organizer; and the form will will take effect after signing and stamping of the organizer.
2. Exhibitors shall pay [50% (prepayment) or full payment] within 3 valid working days after registration, otherwise the organizer has the right to adjust or cancel the booths reserved, and the balance must be paid by June 1, 2024, The invoice will be issued after receiving all the exhibition fees;
3. The principle of sequential allocation of booths: “first apply, first pay, first arrange”
Please contact the Organizing Committee for exhibiting matters
Contact information of the organizer of the overseas real estate immigration study exhibition
Contact person: Manager Wu: 15021195632 (same WeChat account)
QQ online consultation: 2847862056
Email: wabc_2008@163.com

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